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4BioPower Let's Make The World a Better Place... live in! While some argue that man is not responsible for climate change or global warmer, others know it is real. Here, we believe that man has played a significant part in it. And must without question, change many of his ways of doing things - from global deforestation to carbon emissions - Man is now destine to perish, if he doesn't decide to go at it completely differently.

You can make a significant change and a better impact upon your life, if you so desire.

Carbon Hazards

This is not the only hazard I speak of: "as the concentration CO2 in air rises it can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion and loss of consciousness". There are many personal hazards of carbon, but the idea I would like to put for here is the environmental impact of carbon.

You ride around in your car, cruise down the highway and you look to your left or right at the trees. You can see them dying. You wake the morning and you look across the spanse of land in front of you and you see the haze lingering in the trees. The clouds even look dirty.

Our seasons have even changed. You know the old saying; "must be something in the air"? Well, this has come true, as true as can be, there is something in the air. It's not just carbon - it is a lot of pollutants from us. Then when you add in natural forest fires or volcano eruptions, well there is a lot of smoke in the air and that basically is what carbon is smoke.

There are many new diseases that have come to light over the last few decades. AIDS, West Nile disease and many more; including, bovarina diseases such as mad cow disease. Absolutely, unheard of things in any past generation. This is a call for great concern. Not only are we heating up the oven for our own demise, we are bringing in the pestulence to insure it.

Yes, these new diseases can also be attributed to the overuse or misuse of anti-biotics. But the ones we can clearly see or surmise are the strange ones, like bats that are dying or birds that fall suddenly from the sky, with no real appearant reason for doing so. Recently hordes of dead fish have washed up on the shores of Rhode Island and New York - hundreds of whales had beached themselves in New Zealand.

Carbon however is not our only airborne foe. There are nitrous oxides, flurocarbons and much much more. The question is; "When do we begin to reduce our dependence on Chemicals and their reactions upon us and upon our Earth and Air?"

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