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4BioPower Let's Make The World a Better Place... live in! While some argue that man is not responsible for climate change or global warmer, others know it is real. Here, we believe that man has played a significant part in it. And must without question, change many of his ways of doing things - from global deforestation to carbon emissions - Man is now destine to perish, if he doesn't decide to go at it completely differently.

You can make a significant change and a better impact upon your life, if you so desire.

We're Here To Make a Change

Even if it is just a small one, we are about this: Living in Harmony with Mother Nature and Our Body.

We believe that Climate Change and Global Warming are Real. It is our Firm Belief that it is a result of man and his lifestyle.

As small children pass through the Primate Display @ the Pittsburgh Zoo, they can see on a time clock and a Rolometer, how many acres of the Rain Forest are being destroyed by the minute. This accounting of how many acres are being removed per second, is not only astronomical, it is horrendous to even phathom. Someone as early as the early to mid 70's felt compelled to show this destruction to the world.

It is to this person or these people that this site is dedicated too. We heard your voice and your message and we chose to carry it on. For years we have engulfed ourselves in the study of living with Nature. And as such, we also dedicate this site to the American Indian and any tribal group that believes that living in harmony with Nature is the True Way of Life.

Our goal and our mission is to inform, enlighten and educate, everyone who visits here on matters that should concern us the most - our lives and our lifestyles. And how we could survive living in Harmony with Nature and not destroying ourselves and our earth to live.

We will deal with issues that are close to us, such as the drugs we take, the cars we drive, how we power our lives, the food we eat, etc. etc. It is our hopes that you will join us and contribute. We welcome you, your thoughts and concerns.

To the right of our page is our navigation, so when visiting here and you wish to jump from one article to the other, we provide at least 4 articles to get you going and then a more section, where our articles are listed as to when they were written. If you desire to be updated on our newest additions or possibly products, please feel free to live your name and email. As with our comments suggestions section, please leave those to the right, also. And thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy.

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